Call for leak detection & drain cleaning services in Newton, Hickory or Statesville, NC

A clogged drain isn't just annoying-it could lead to major problems with your sewer line. Avoid costly repairs by turning to McLaughlin Plumbing Inc. for drain cleaning services. We won't just get rid of the blockage-after clearing out the pipes, we'll use a state-of-the-art camera to look for the cause of the problem.

Contact us today to arrange for your drain cleaning service in Newton, Hickory, Statesville, NC or surrounding areas.

Are you sending savings down the drain?

Even a slow drip from your kitchen faucet can cost you hundreds of dollars. Stop the drain on your finances by calling on the leak detection experts from McLaughlin Plumbing.

If your leak is caused by...

  • Tree roots
  • Corroded pipes
  • Changes in temperature



... we can patch the hole and prevent the issue from reoccurring.

Call now to schedule your leak detection service in the Newton, Hickory, Statesville, NC, and surrounding areas.